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Interesting facts about lip filler

Updated: Jun 27

Lip filler results vary from individual to individual, as every lip is unique.

Some lips have stretchy tissue, which makes it easier to achieve a change in shape, while other lips have dense, compact tissue that will not stretch as much.

If you have this type of lip tissue, you can still have a beautiful result with lip filler, and with a few top-ups, your lip tissue might adjust to the new volume and stretch, which will allow you to get the desired shape in time.

Lip filler results need an individual approach and a thorough assessment must be completed by your injector before the treatment, also some important factors need to be taken into consideration such as age, existing anatomy, lip tissue and client expectations.

How to get to the desired shape?

You will need to have a top-up every 3 months a few times until you get to the desired volume. You can wait a little longer as well, but make sure you come back for a top-up while there is still some filler left in the lip tissue.

Once you achieved your desired shape, you will still need a top-up once in a while, you may wait longer than 3 months, but most clients return within 6 months for a top-up of 0.5ml or 1 ml to make sure they maintain the shape of their lips.

Lip filler is resorbed faster the first time you have lip injections.

In time, it will start to last longer so it is better to invest in your lips at first and have a few top-ups and after a few treatments, the time between top-ups will get longer.

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